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Connect U Group is a recruitment consulting business specializing in the the international and bi-lingual schools sectors in Brasil.

We possess more than 25 years experience in recruiting into the Education sector and have been successful in recruiting education professionals and leaders in every continent across the world for a wide range of education businesses and academic institutions.

Headquartered in Ribeirao Preto and with a branch in the city of São Paulo, we have a national reach. We advise and act as trusted recruitment advIsors to some of the most respected and innovative schools and school operators in the Brasilian Education market.

We are dedicated to the Education market and we operate entirely within the education recruitment vertical. This is enables us to have the focus, capacity and expertise to deliver proactive recruitment solutions for all levels and phases.

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The sector of international education and bi-lingual schools face an ongoing challenge: The demand for highly qualified and highly effective professionals which far outweighs the ability to supply to this demand for talent. The purpose and the mission of Connect U Group is to work with our clients to provide effective solutions to this challenge. This is our passion. We work in partnership with our clients to identify, attract and engage high performing education professionals through a number of proven and effective recruitment methodologies, demonstrated and evidenced through our many years successfully recruiting market leading talent for our clients. Our methodologies guarantee clients both breadth and depth in the shortlists we present and meet the needs of the growing appetite for high quality of education in Brasil.

We are very proud to see the impact of our work through the optimisation of results and learning outcomes for our client schools and their students.


Connect U Group produces a personalized plan, created in partnership with the client to execute pro-active and innovative recruitment solutions.

Our expertise enables us to offer a range of methodologies which guarantees the delivery of positive results and in an agreed time scale.

We are totally dedicated to the Education sector and we are passionate about working with our clients to identify, engage and appoint market leading talent from around the world.

We are very proud to see our successful recruitment of high quality educators and leaders having direct impact on the optimization of learning outcomes for our students.


Connect U Group works in collaboration with our clients to create a bespoke recruitment strategy  based on their individual requirements and a personalized assignment plan to deliver solutions to successfully fill the role or vacancy. This begins with the creation of detailed specifications which will guide us to adopt the most appropriate strategies to identify and recruit their ideal candidate.

For each assignment, we apply a “no stone unturned” approach which means we work with each client until a successful appointment is made. However, our commitment does not stop there. Once the successful candidate has commenced their new role, we stay in contact with both parties to ensure the transition is as optimal as possible.


Connect U Group is the most experienced and successful recruitment consulting business in the Brasilian Education sector.


We have a specific focus operating exclusively in the Education sector. We are the only consulting business in the Brasilian market which is entirely dedicated to international and bi-lingual schools.


Throughout our journey of more than 25 years, we have built a unique and extensive professional network of educators and leaders of schools in all five continents. We utilise and interrogate these networks for recommendations and references particularly with roles deemed “difficult to fill”.


We Have more than twenty five years experience recruiting into the Education sector. Throughout these years, we have developed proven processes and utilize methodologies which optimize our success in delivery.


We always want our clients to have reassurance in knowing that your recruitment campaign is being managed by experienced professionals who have a deep knowledge and perspective on the global education communities and its variants. This enables our clients competitive advantage.


Our range of recruitment strategies delivers a list of pre-qualified and approved candidates with detailed profiles who have been fully briefed about the role and the school. We also ensure each candidate has been reference checked and is fully compliant so prior to interview, each client is assured that each candidate meets quality controls and compliance checks.


Here is the team of experts and professionals from Connect U.

Nilson Curti

As a graduate of Law, Nilson has had a 40- year career in the Education sector. In the last 30 years, he served as President of Pearson Brasil for 2 years, and for 28 years, he has worked in the SEB Group, occupying the position of Superintendent Director of the educational holding company. During this period, he also led the functions of IPO, OPA, M&A and ERP. He was responsible for the formation of high performance teams, for the opening of several school units, for corporate restructuring and he served during various periods on the Board of Directors of SEB S/A and WIDE S/A.

João Vitor de Avila Pavani

João Vitor holds a degree in Law and undertook a spesialization course in Finance from the University of California in Irvine. He has worked in M & A and business structuring processes and has been acquainted for many years with the Brazilian education sector and international experience.

Andrea C. de Avila Curti

A graduate of Marketing and Advertising and also an MBA in Communication. In possession of a wide range of experience in Marketing and Communications within the Education sector, having strategic input in major campaigns in the positioning and growth of the Education segments in recent years.


We look forward to hearing from you to discuss how we could help support you in your next recruitment campaign.

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